Friday, January 22, 2010

Giant winter storm continues to pound the west; will miss Denver

An impressive storm that has churned for days over the southwest has started to push north and east. Denver looks like it will dodge the bullet, with only a slight chance of rain and snow showers over the weekend. Our mountains on the other hand, especially in the southwest, will receive a healthy dumping of snow - 2 to 4 feet of the white stuff! Good news as many mountain locations are way below normal for snowfall this year. Portions of southern California and the higher terrain of Arizona saw anywhere from 5 - 7 feet of snow from this system. Hot damn!

Nothing too impressive looming on the horizon for Denver. January tends to be a pretty slow month for weather here in town, and this year is panning out to be no different. Watching a few shortwaves that may bring a chance for precip during the middle of next week... but we will see.

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Steven said...

damn it brendan! It's February now! What's blowing into town? I need to know!